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As the COVID-19 is reshaping our industry and lives as we speak, we felt it was important to connect with leaders representing different sectors of the Marketing Communications, around the world to get a sense of how they’re dealing with their businesses, employees, operations to keep the business going, while keeping the morale high.

Here at IAA Malaysia, our leaders and members from the MARCOM industry have shared their views. We feel the industry needs some positive inputs and energy more than ever, as many of the businesses would need to readjust their corporate agendas in the immediate term.

“There is no quick fix for this global crisis. Use this time wisely, adapt to change and rewire our reasons for being: towards creating better lives and a better world.” – JOHN D. CHACKO; President, IAA Malaysia; Adjunct Professor, Universiti Teknologi MARA
“It’s best to embrace these challenging times with confidence and optimism, while finding new opportunities by welcoming innovation and technology to reach and engage consumers. Brands have two choices – disrupt or be disrupted.” – OMAR SHA’ARI; Vice President of IAA Malaysia and CEO of LMX Malaysia.
“In trying times, our efforts need to be focused not only on overcoming the challenges but also on identifying the opportunities that lie ahead, and prepare ourselves with a positive, resilient, adaptive and determined mindset to win and become better.” – ANDREAS VOGIATZAKIS; Group CEO of Star Media Group.
“Doesn’t it feel like Sunday every day now? Except you are working like it’s Monday all the time! For true-blue advertising creatives this always-on world is not new and they will thrive because ideas are what make the world go round, not processes.” – PROF HARMANDAR SINGH aka HAM;
Publisher, MARKETING Magazine Malaysia
“Never waste a good crisis. Use these disruptive times to break out of old habits and reboot yourself for a shining future. Nothing is a given, there are no holy cows really. Write a new story.” – PRASHANT KUMAR; Founder of ENTROPIA
“It’s time to reflect and practice on how to work within and outside. Adapt, innovate and get ready for the new ‘normal’ which could be with us for awhile.” – NG LI LIAN; Honorary Treasurer of IAA Malaysia
“We are a creature of habits. This is the time for us to learn, relearn and create new habits to adapt ourselves to the new normal. We’ve got this. Stay positive and stay active at home.” – PROF. DR. AZIZUL HALIM BIN YAHYA; Chief Executive Officer, Institute of Continuing Education & Professional Studies (iCEPS), Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM)
“Universities must be resilient …. to reconcile and curate a hybrid set of curricula to meet the demands of the future emerging trends that are proving to be essential through this global pandemic, be agile to COVID-19 cultural shifts, as well as face the new reality of reskilling for future practitioners in communication and media-related industries.” – ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR DR. MASSILA HAMZAH; Dean, Faculty of Communication & Media Studies, Universiti Teknologi MARA
“In times like this, while we see an explosive adoption of digital communication technologies, reality dawns upon us that many are disadvantaged by the digital divide. Post pandemic, one of the key challenges is bridging the digital divide, for those on the wrong side of it.” – SHAWN TAN; Managing Director of Interactive Rewards
“The Great Lockdown have changed our industry forever. The pendulum between health & economy remains a balancing act. But one thing is certain, companies that embraced digital transformation as their strategy remains at the forefront of change.” – NICKY LIM; Group CEO of Dentsu Aegis Network
“In Education, we share the same engines with advertising and media-service companies where both entities cannot blindly live in the present tense as changes are unavoidable and permanence, an illusion. We educate people to respond, react, and work through the changes in a positive and progressive manner.” – ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR DR. WANG CHANGSONG; Head of Department (Journalism & Advertising) of Xiamen University Malaysia
“Accept a new norm. While there are challenges, there are also opportunities. Embrace it with positivity, learn, grow and run with it. It is steep but surely rewarding.” – STEPHANIE LIM, Director, Top Vision Outdoor
“There is no easy solution to this. It is time to reset and reevaluate. Just do the best we can to adopt and adapt the new normal. People say there’s rainbow waiting after every storm. Best of luck.” – HAMIMDA AGIL; Committee Member, IAA Malaysia and Senior Lecturer, Advertising, Faculty of Communication and Media Studies, Universiti Teknologi MARA

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