IAA Malaysia & Brand Finance to announce the Top 100 Malaysian brands 2020

Join the BRANDS MATTER Webinar brought to you by International Advertising Association (IAA) and find out more. Book your complimentary place now and save the date […]

IAA Forum Series : Work-Life Balance on 28 November 2019

Join us for the IAA Forum Series on Work-Life Balance on 28 November 2019.
IAA Forum Series

IAA Forum Series : Regulatory Challenges Facing Brands and Consumers on 15 August 2019

Join us! Across the world, in developed nations to emerging economies to Third World countries, brands are facing an onslaught of enforced restrictions and evolving challenges...

IAA Debate Series : Brick & Mortar. A Sunset Business Model on 25 July 2019

Join us! Across the world, online shopping is increasing by the day, and, in many markets, eclipsing business in brick and mortar stores.

Participate in the 44th IAA World Congress 2019 on 20 – 22 February 2019

The 44th IAA World Congress will be held in the city of Kochi, India between 20th and 22nd February 2019. Three days of intellectual stimulation...

IAA Debate Series : Big brands are doomed to oblivion. Lessons from GE14 on 28 August 2019

In over a hundred years, big brands have survived wars, recessions and public relations disasters (self-inflicted or otherwise).

IAA Debate Series : Creativity Doesn’t Pay. The Great IP Debate on 5 October 2017

What is an idea worth? Are creators being justly rewarded in order for creativity to thrive? Or are brand owners and those who commission work not adequately rewarding idea generators?

IAA Debate Series : Who owns the brand? Marketer or consumer? on 17 May 2017

Join us! In the digital era, the lines are blurred on where lies the ownership of the brand, who’s the custodian and who and what shapes […]