Brick & Mortar. A Sunset Business Model.

Participate in the 44th IAA World Congress 2019
January 28, 2019
IAA Forum Series
Regulatory Challenges Facing Brands and Consumers
August 13, 2019


Across the world, online shopping is increasing by the day, and, in many markets, eclipsing business in brick and mortar stores. Sites, operating from anywhere in the world, ring up sales up to billions, possibly even dodging legislation and taxes, something brick and mortar businesses have to live with. Even knock-off products boasting household and designer names are easier to get off online sites, all wrapped and delivered to you, almost untraceable by the brand custodians. Seems like online is the platform of the future, whether running a business or buying from one.

Or is it?

To RSVP, do email Complimentary participation for IAA members. RM 100 net for non-members inclusive of cocktail food and beverage; while it last.

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