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The Inside Track


The Inside Track

The International Advertising Association (IAA) brings you The Inside Track, a series of half day talks where giants of the industry come together to share their thoughts and ideas. This is your opportunity to stand on the shoulders of giants and see much further, dream much bigger.

Designed as a quick rejuvenating break from the daily grind, The Inside Track will provide young professionals with inspiring new perspectives to stimulate fresh new ideas.

Client Management : Building Partnerships With Brand Owners

Would you like to be able to build strong working partnerships with ALL your clients?

To handle difficult situations with grace, dignity and integrity? To be one of the first people clients turn to when they have a problem to solve?

In this session, client management gurus from advertising, media and PR offer you a glimpse into their personal approaches to building partnerships, sharing with you hard-won lessons accumulated over a lifetime on the frontlines.

You’ll also have the chance to hear clients share what they expect, what they admire and what earns their respect.

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New, Now & Not Yet : Fresh Perspectives In Art Direction

Ever wondered how the masters stay at the top of their game? How do they constantly look for new approaches and angles to push for greater and greater work?

Here’s your opportunity to take a peek into the minds of globally acclaimed art-based Creative Directors as they share their views and insights on how they push the boundaries, using art direction to communicate and engage audiences, going beyond the limits of traditional thinking, turning obstacles into opportunities and introducing new forms of craft to take ideas to greater heights.

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Uncovering Insights, The Weapons of Mass Conversion

To capture the imagination of the masses is to hold the world in your hands. Great brands rule the world by tapping into deeply held truths that hold the keys to the human heart. These truths are available to all of us if we only know how to look.

This edition of The Inside Track offers you a glimpse into the workings of the minds of strategic planning and digital experts as they hunt for insights.

They’ll share how they distil from numbers, listen to human longings on social media, and practice the art of asking questions. You’ll also pick up some tips
on how to watch out for the insights that hide in plain sight all around you.

You’ll come out better armed to uncover the insights that will bring your brand closer to world domination.

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